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Silicone is not only resistant to high temperature but also to low temperature. It can be used in a wide temperature range. Both the chemical properties and physical properties fluctuate slightly according to temperature. UV and ozone can easily decompose the silicone. Organic silicon has betcustom silicone bracelets canadater thermal stability and resistance to radiation and weather resistance than other polymer materials. It has a service life of up to several decades in the natural environment Silicone is one of the most unreactive compounds. They are resistant to biological aging without rejection of the animal body. As we can see, that why the silicone bracelet so comfortable and durable to wear.     blue-silicone-wristbandsbest-price-silicone-wristbands

astcancer, a gray rubber bracelet is for brain cancer, while gold is for childhood cancer and yellow is known as the international color for hope. These cancer awareness bracelets first started out as ribbons and people wore them near their hearts, but wearing bracelets became ideal and more practical while still supporting cancer awareness everywhere. In recent years, the incidence of children"s tumors is on the rise, with an average of 1.5 tumors per 10,000 children. An average of 30,000 to 40,000 children are diagnosed with malignant tumors every year, and the incidence is increasing at a rate of 5% every five years. Most of the children were under 6 years old, and most of them were between 3 and 5 years old. The incidence of cancer in boys was significantly higher than that in girls. Among the causes of death in children under 14 years old, malignant tumors (cancer) ranked second only after accidental injuries. Other campaigns have sprung from this wherein they also made use of bracelets to allow people to show their support for a common cause. Evecustom silicone bracelets canadantually, there will be other campaigns that will be using this method, but cancer awareness bracelets will always be the first. Hopefully, those other campaigns that will make use of bracelets to let the world know of their mission and to raise awareness will prove to be successful. While rubber bracelets might seem tacky at first, when you get to know the real reason why they are being worn, they will not seem so tacky after all.             pink-silicone-bracelets

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